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Web Design & Interactive Media & Foundation for Design Diploma

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Program Overview

Multimedia and Web design is used to create everything from DVD menus to Web site navigations and touch screen displays. In the Web Design & Interactive Media & Foundation for Design program, you’ll learn the basic skills needed to create friendly, usable, and attractive interactions via the Internet, CD-ROMS, DVDs, and kiosks. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as Web designer, animator, special effects artist, and interactive media designer.
Web Design & Interactive Media & Foundation for Design

Program Description

Available at the Renfrew campus.
90 credits - 29 courses - 18 months - 6 quarters - Diploma

The Web Design & Interactive Media and Foundation for Design diploma is a “user-centred” design and development program. In this program students will focus upon building fundamental competencies in interface and information design, interactivity, database and dynamic content development, as well as new media production for online content. This program provides students with comprehensive design and technical skill sets as well as business strategies necessary to produce interactive technology solutions. The curriculum acknowledges the internet as an identified growth sector for business, entertainment, education, games, online communities and other sectors.

Graduates will be prepared to seek employment within online divisions at major companies and as innovative entrepreneurs. They will have broad skill sets suitable for employment in a host of entry-level positions. Furthermore, graduates may become freelance contract specialists and work in collaboration with studios and agencies.
Web Design & Interactive Media & Foundation for Design

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