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Interior Design

Interior Design & Foundation for Design Diploma

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Program Overview

The Interior Design & Foundation for Design program teaches students to visualize a 3-D understanding of space, form, and function. Coursework focuses on drawing, drafting, color, design, and the fundamentals of space planning and perspective. Real world experience is gained through class and community projects. Through these projects, students study detailing, systems, construction, and materials — as well as market realities. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as draftsperson, facilities planner, interior designer/decorator, or space planner.
Interior Design & Foundation for Design

Program Description

Interior designers give form to the spaces in which we spend our lives. An interior designer is, by definition a person who identifies, researches, and solves problems pertaining to the function and quality of interiors. Their work includes programming, design analysis, as well as specifying and designing all aspects of interior spaces. Using specialized knowledge of interior construction, building codes, materials, lighting, and furnishings, interior designers prepare drawings and documents in order to protect the heath, safety, and welfare of the public.

The Interior Design & Foundation for Design Program is rich in theory and practice. Our students will develop abilities in all aspects of the design of three-dimensional spaces, both residential and commercial. They learn how to communicate design solutions through a variety of visual media and develop aesthetic and ethical sensitivities. Students learn how the profession interfaces with others in the industry and how to manage the business of their profession. They will graduate prepared to enter the fields of commercial and residential design. This program lasts two academic years (8 quarters) and contains 120 credit hours.

Instructional methods at The Art Institute of Vancouver include lecture, demonstration, tutorials, one-on-one instruction, and periodic examinations. Except for field trips, all instruction is conducted in a classroom/studio setting.

The mission of our Interior Design Diploma Program is to graduate students so they are prepared for their profession and able to conceive and execute viable, creative design solutions in diverse occupations within our current market realities.

To receive a Diploma in Interior Design and Foundation for Design, students must complete a minimum of 120 quarter credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students must also receive a passing grade or credits for all required course work, meet portfolio or other requirements outlined in the student handbook, and satisfy all financial obligations with The Art Institute of Vancouver.

Graduates of The Art Institute of Vancouver Interior Design and Foundation Diploma Program will be eligible to write the NCIDQ exam upon completion of the required work experience.

The foundation quarter is designed to develop a student’s critical portfolio skills. If a student wishes to challenge this quarter, they must submit a portfolio and have it accepted by the Admissions Committee before advanced standing is granted.
Interior Design & Foundation for Design

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