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Graphic & Web Design

Graphic Design Bachelor of Applied Design

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Program Overview

In the Graphic Design program, you'll study design, typography, and color theory. You’ll use industry-specific software to help you learn and create everything from logos and posters to packaging, Web sites, and corporate identity packages. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as advertising designer, computer artist, freelance artist, graphic designer, or layout artist.
Graphic Design

Program Description

Available at the Renfrew campus. 194 credits - 59 courses - 36 months - 12 quarters - Bachelor of Applied Design Degree The Art Institute of Vancouver’s Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design degree program focuses on the increasingly vital relationship between design and sustainable principles. As environmental demands escalate and take centre focus in educational and political discourse, there is a growing need for designers who can provide solutions while creating sustainable, eco-conscious designs. This academic program aims to produce designers who combine technical aptitude, critical thinking skills and ethical awareness. Program graduates will possess a knowledge of design and sustainable fundamentals, as well as an understanding of core values, emerging trends and discipline challenges. They will demonstrate professional excellence in the application of environmentally conscious principles to any design project or milieu. Students will be taught how to assume the role of innovators and leaders within the program: in collaboration with their academic director and instructors, they will have the opportunity to launch and co-steer strategies for incorporating new sustainable standards. As such, program graduates will have hands-on awareness of innovations within sustainable design and how these advances translate into the daily operations of schools and organizations within British Columbia. Our specific objectives are to provide students the following: • Work-ready competencies in a program emphasizing strong theoretical and practical knowledge; • A hands-on, learning-centred educational environment that supports and enhances students’ professional and academic development as designers; • Targeted preparation and training for entry-level employment and advancement opportunities within the design field; • Access to appropriately credentialed faculty with extensive industry experience.
Graphic Design

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