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Game Design & Programming

Game Art & Design Diploma

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Program Overview

In the Game Art & Design program, you’ll learn the art and design skills needed to get into the gaming field. You’ll use your talents to create applications used within the business, education, training, and entertainment industries. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as modeler, storyboard artist, animation artist, 3-D illustrator, digital artist, FX artist, video postproduction artist, broadcast graphics designer, and game designer.
Game Art & Design

Program Description

Available at the Renfrew campus.
90 credits - 29 courses - 18 months - 6 quarters - Diploma

Game designers are the people who give life to near flesh-and-blood characters, embroil them in fantastic plots, and design levels placing them in a compelling environment. In sort, they create the user experience. This is a field that demands constant evolution as new gameplay engines, systems, and technology are introduced on a constant basis. Students in the Game Art & Design Program at The Art Institute of Vancouver acquire a core skill set of written communication, game and level design, game scripting and a foundation in art.

The student then learns to create professional documentation, design game play, articulate stories, characters and their environments, and apply knowledge of video and computer games to create their own interactive experiences. Graduates gain the training and skills necessary to compete for entry-level positions in the game industry: level designer, gameplay (interactivity) designer, mission scripter, story writer, tester, and assistant producer.

Program Description
The Game Art & Design Diploma Program is dedicated to providing graduates with the relevant skills necessary to enter into and maintain a career in the field of video game design. This goal is achieved by building a foundation of core game design skills, and then providing students with hands on training in the application of these skills to video games.

Each three month term of the program is comprised of tightly integrated, cohesive courses in which students accomplish specific, industry-driven competencies and outcomes. The Game Art & Design Diploma Program is about learning the fundamental design skills necessary to enter into and maintain a career in the video game industry, and developing the technical aptitude necessary to demonstrate and present the acquired skills effectively. Media Arts Electives may be selected from courses in the 3D Modeling for Animation & Games and Animation Art & Design programs.
Game Art & Design

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