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3D Modeling for Animation & Games Diploma

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Program Overview

Students in the 3D Modeling for Animation & Games program prepare for their future in the computer generated animation industry through a combined focus on traditional artistic skills and modern technology. You’ll attend courses on sculpture, life drawing, and color theory, as well as character modeling, lighting, and digital imaging. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as character modeler, texture artist, and junior production designer.
3D Modeling for Animation & Games

Program Description

Available at the Renfrew campus.
105 credits - 34 courses - 20 months - 7 quarters - Diploma

Program Description
The 3D Modeling for Animation & Games diploma program at the Art Institute of Vancouver is designed to provide graduates with the relevant skills necessary to enter into and maintain a career in the game, animation and visual effects entertainment industries. Students will develop the technical and creative aptitude necessary to demonstrate and present their skills to industry. This goal is achieved by building a foundation of traditional artistic skill, and then providing students with hands on training in its modern application.

Career opportunities for graduating students may include 3D Modeler, Character Modeler, Environment Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighting Artist, Technical Artist, Junior Production Designer, Render Wrangler, and a host of related entry level production positions.

Each 3 month term of the program is comprised of tightly integrated, cohesive courses in which students accomplish specific, industry driven competencies and outcomes. Each course builds on the lessons of the ones before it and each term is a prerequisite for the following. The 3D Modeling for Animation & Games diploma program is focused upon enabling students to learn the fundamental artistic skills necessary to enter into and maintain a career in Media Arts industries.
3D Modeling for Animation & Games

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