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Graphic & Web Design

Web Design & Interactive Communications Diploma

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Program Overview

In the Web Design & Interactive Communications program, you’ll develop skills in computer languages, usability principles and information architecture. You’ll learn how to create the look, feel and functionality of Web pages for delivery through multiple channels, including mobile technologies. Graduates will be prepared to seek entry-level positions such as web designer and web developer.
Web Design & Interactive Communications

Program Description

The Web Design & Interactive Communications diploma program teaches students how to create the look, feel and functionality of World Wide Web pages for client Web sites with a specific emphasis on professional standards and practical deployment. This course of study extends foundation principles in visual communications and interactive media as related to dynamic delivery through multiple channels including mobile technologies.

Students will develop abilities in computer languages, usability principles and information architecture in a team oriented environment that prepares them for the professional world. Students will also be trained in current web technologies and in project management on assignments that will enhance their personal portfolio.

The general objectives for the program are:
• Demonstrate the use of appropriate visual elements and visual communication skills for interactive media.
• Create applications that solve specified problems through a variety of scripting techniques.
• Critique and evaluate appropriate design solutions.
• Design and develop media marketing and business plans.
Web Design & Interactive Communications

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