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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Bachelor of Arts

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Program Overview

In the Culinary Arts program, you’ll gain practical experience in the kitchen while studying the business of cost control, sanitation and safety, menu and beverage management, nutrition, and kitchen management. You’ll learn to produce food quickly and in quantity while working with others. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as line cook and pantry cook (garde manger).
Culinary Arts

Program Description

The Culinary Arts 12-quarter bachelor’s degree program is proud to be part of The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Tucson.

Today’s fast paced world has resulted in a change in the way we eat. The demand for more and more food service outlets has resulted in a demand of employees with culinary training. The ability not only to cook, but also to manage personnel and develop items of varied appeal is prized in the hospitality field.

This program offers students an opportunity to learn from seasoned educators and culinary professionals and pursue a rewarding career in this exciting and demanding field.

Students have the opportunity to practice classical cooking techniques and their application in a variety of cuisines.

Once grounded in the basics, students can develop skills in ethnic cuisines, food and wine pairing, and food styling. Cooking classes are complemented with hospitality related coursework in management, entrepreneurship, restaurant design, and wine and spirits. Students have the opportunity to choose culinary elective courses that broaden and deepen knowledge in areas such as: sales, public relations, culinary competition, nutritional cooking and a variety of regional wine courses, among other culinary electives.

Graduates leave the school with a comprehensive portfolio of their work and are prepared to seek entry-level opportunities with restaurants, hotels, food service institutions, catering, and other culinary or hospitality related business, such as food styling and food writing.

objectiVes: Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

•Cook and present various ethnic cuisines professionally.
•Manage restaurant finances and develop a detailed business plan addressing key finances and marketing.
•Demonstrate professional leadership skills in a culinary environment.
•Design menus and use the menu as a marketing tool.
•Identify and explain global business and organizational leadership models.
Culinary Arts

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