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Contact Us

The Art Institute of Seattle

2323 Elliott Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121


General Information:

Phone: 206.448.0900
Toll-free: 800.275.2471




Phone: 206.448.6600
Fax: 206.269.0275




Phone: 888.597.7665


You can reach any of the following departments by calling their direct number or by calling our toll-free number and asking for the last four digits of the direct number as the extension. For example, the extension for the Career Services department is 2290.


President's Office

Elden Monday, President
Contact: Deborah Spittel, Executive Assistant to the President
Fax: 206.448.2501



Academic Affairs

Phone: 206.239.2324
Fax 206.269.0274



Career Services

Phone: 206.239.2292
Fax: 206.441.3475



Human Resources

Phone: 206.239.2311




Phone: 206.239.2282
Fax: 206.269.0275



Student Accounting

Phone: 206.239.2274
Fax: 206.239.2315



Student Financial Services

Phone: 206.239.2261
Fax: 206.448.2501



Student Affairs

Phone: 206.239.2299
Fax: 206.441.3475



Supply Store

Phone: 206.239.2279
Fax: 206.443.9627



Additional Phone Numbers

Portfolio Restaurant Reservations 206.239.2363
Learning Resource Center 206.239.2359



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The Art Institute of Seattle
The Art Institute of Seattle

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