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Graphic & Web Design

Web Design & Interactive Media Associate of Applied Arts

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Program Overview

In the Web Design & Interactive Media program, you’ll focus on interface design, interactivity, visual design, database design, dynamic Web content design, technology, and information design and employ creative solutions across all Web-related mediums. You’ll learn skills that will enable you to create accessible, engaging interactions via Web sites and other interactive mediums. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as interactive designer, animator, special effects artist, and computer artist.
Web Design & Interactive Media

Program Description

Web design classes are at the core of the Web Design & Interactive Media associate’s degree program at The Art Institute of Seattle. Websites are necessities for most businesses today and Web design classes teach students how to meet that demand. In the Web Design & Interactive Media program, students are taught to combine design and technology to create a site that is dynamic, appealing, interactive, and user friendly. This is a constantly evolving industry and the Web design classes utilize industry-related technology and software. Classes are taught by professional faculty members, some with industry experience. Classes in the program are designed to focus on layout, typography, navigation, scripting, streaming video, interactive graphics, and more. In addition to Web design classes, students take business and marketing courses. Before they graduate, students compile a portfolio showcasing the work they did to show potential employers. Upon successfully completing this program, graduates are prepared to seek entry-level jobs as a web designer, production artist, and content manager.

Program Objectives
Upon completion of this program, graduates will:
• demonstrate and integrate knowledge of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in interactive media.
• understand and apply basic research methods in interactive media, including research, design, data analysis, and interpretation.
• understand and apply the language and concepts of the field of interactive design, through effective communication and design.
• demonstrate the ability to acquire and disseminate digital information and use computers and other technology for a variety of purposes.
• demonstrate a foundation in color theory, design, digital image manipulation, usability, information architecture, video, animation, web programming and interface design for the purposes of branding and business optimization.
Web Design & Interactive Media

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