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Fashion Design

Fashion Design Bachelor of Fine Arts

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Program Overview

In the Fashion Design program, you’ll develop skills in design and patternmaking. You’ll learn both traditional and computer-generated design as you develop your own sense of design and style. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as costume designer, assistant fashion buyer, fashion designer, or seamstress.
Fashion Design

Program Description

Program Mission
The Fashion Design Bachelor of Fine Arts program provides students with a strong academic and professional foundation through both applied coursework and technological applications. The market driven curriculum teaches students to utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills, which meet the expressed needs of the fashion industry.

Desired Student Outcomes
1. Construction: Graduates will have knowledge of terminology, principles, and concepts related to construction, patternmaking, draping, and other techniques used to produce garments. They will have an understanding of textiles and other products necessary to the fashion industry.
2. Technology: Graduates will demonstrate proficiency with traditional construction technology (sewing machines, sergers) and with computer assisted design software for creating fabrics, patterns, and other purposes.
3. Design: Graduates will understand and apply the principles of fashion design. They will be able to design and produce original garments. They will understand pattern drafting principles required for design and pattern development. They will be able to represent fashions on croquis and in other ways that follow industry expectations and standards.
4. Planning and problem-solving: Graduates will demonstrate an ability to analyze, formulate and implement innovative solutions related to designing and producing garments. They will demonstrate the ability to deal with problems of supply, the logistics of large-scale production, as well as how do deal with problems in individual fittings and how to adapt patterns for different fabrics.
5. Communication: Graduates will demonstrate professional oral, written, and visual communication skills and organizational skills according to industry expectations.
6. Context: Graduates will understand the broader context of their professional knowledge in relation to fashion, including design and costume history, laws and regulations, business practices, demographics, social, cultural (ethnic), psychological, forecasting, and economic theories and ideas.
7. Professionalism: Graduates will have developed an appropriate professional demeanor, an understanding of the nature and culture of the fashion industry, an understanding of the language and culture of marketing, an understanding of possible careers and career paths, and a clear understanding of professional ethics and standards.

Program Description
The Fashion Design program explores industry practices from concept to consumer. Coursework incorporates technical sketching and fashion illustration, flat patternmaking and draping, computer-aided design, garment construction and fit, industry software knowledge, and conceptual and critical thinking. The curriculum offers exposure to global fashion business practices, product development, entrepreneurship and professional presentations.

Graduation Requirements
To receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter-credits with 60 quarter-credits in general education courses and 120 in their specialty area with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. The entire program includes 2618 clock hours, comprised of 1386 lecture hours, 1100 lab hours, and 132 internship or practicum hours. Also a student must receive a passing grade or credit for all required course work and meet portfolio requirements including participation in the Senior Portfolio Show. Graduating students must pass a required course in which a portfolio is produced.
Fashion Design

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