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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Associate of Arts

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Program Overview

In the Culinary Arts program, you’ll gain practical experience in the kitchen while studying the business of cost control, sanitation and safety, menu and beverage management, nutrition, and kitchen management. You’ll learn to produce food quickly and in quantity while working with others. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as line cook and pantry cook (garde manger).
Culinary Arts

Program Description

Portland is a leader in the ‘green’ movement and The Art Institute of Portland is proud to offer a bachelor’s degree program in Culinary Management with a focus on sustainability. Food-consciousness is at an all-time high and interest in this field continues to grow – some trajectories in the field include local production, authentic experiences, global influences and awareness, health consciousness and incorporating sound design principles into culinary creations. Above all, culinary students are motivated by the ‘joy of cooking,’ not just the appreciation of the final product.

The Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management prepares graduates to seek entry-level positions in food service-related management and supervisory trainee positions as well as other functions in the culinary and food service fields. The program provides an opportunity for students to become competent in the identified priorities of the food service industry, communication, training, leadership, motivation, management, human resources, technology, accounting, marketing and customer relations. These skills prepare graduates to seek entry-level positions, including such job functions as assistant front-of-the-house manager, assistant kitchen manager, management trainee, assistant department manager and sous chef. Furthermore, the program is designed to introduce students to the great depth and breadth of related opportunities in such fields as culinary entrepreneurship, media and communications and research and development.
Culinary Arts

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