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Graphic & Web Design

Web Design & Interactive Media Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

In the Web Design & Interactive Media program, you’ll focus on interface design, interactivity, visual design, database design, dynamic Web content design, technology, and information design and employ creative solutions across all Web-related mediums. You’ll learn skills that will enable you to create accessible, engaging interactions via Web sites and other interactive mediums. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as interactive designer, animator, special effects artist, and computer artist.
Web Design & Interactive Media

Program Description

The Web Design & Interactive Media program prepares students for careers designing and developing Web sites and interactive/multimedia software products. Design for the Web and interactive media is a dynamic and rapidly evolving multi-billion dollar industry that includes products running not only on conventional computers, but also on devices such as kiosks, museum displays, MP3 players and cell phones. Web Design & Interactive Media is an essential part of businesses worldwide, as well as the education, scientific and entertainment industries.

Students begin the program by developing their skills in drawing and design while learning the fundamentals of digital imaging, audio, and basic Web technologies. Intermediate courses introduce interactive media authoring, video technology, and project management skills. Students continue to develop their Web skills, learning programming and scripting techniques using Flash® and JavaScript® for design, animation, and data handling. In advanced courses, students expand their understanding of the structure and technologies of Web and interactive media products and learn techniques for designing and managing large projects. All courses in the Web Design & Interactive Media program are also available online.

In the capstone project of the bachelor’s degree program, students plan, design, and develop substantial projects, often for real clients. Students also produce professional-quality digital portfolios as interactive media presentations of their own work and abilities. Students who complete the associate’s degree program are prepared to seek entry-level positions such as interface Web site designers or graphic artists developing interactive media products. Students who complete the bachelor’s degree program have by graduation completed more advanced coursework and have developed and managed larger and more complex projects.

Many students also gain professional experience through internships, freelance work and/or real-life projects pursued through coursework, and are prepared to enter the workforce at a higher level. They pursue entry-level positions as digital media producers, webmasters or creative directors, and project coordinators in fields such as law, medicine, education, corporate communications, film, and advertising, or might even start their own companies. Faculty members are experienced professionals and educators who bring their knowledge of the field and practical experience into the classroom.

The mission of the Web Design & Interactive Media Bachelor of Science degree program is to prepare students to work effectively both individually and in a team creating aesthetically compelling and effective content to be presented and interacted with on the Web and multiple interactive media platforms.
Web Design & Interactive Media

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