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Game Art & Design Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

In the Game Art & Design program, you’ll learn the art and design skills needed to get into the gaming field. You’ll use your talents to create applications used within the business, education, training, and entertainment industries. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as modeler, storyboard artist, animation artist, 3-D illustrator, digital artist, FX artist, video postproduction artist, broadcast graphics designer, and game designer.
Game Art & Design

Program Description

The Game Art & Design program concentrates on the artistic side of game development, preparing students to become artists and designers employed in the game and entertainment software industries. Students begin the program by developing manual and computer-based artistic skills, building drawing and aesthetic skills, and learning the basics of 3D modeling and animation. They develop an appreciation for the structure and narrative potential of games through game development, scriptwriting, and digital storytelling courses.

Intermediate skills courses introduce character and object animation and design, lighting, audio, and other topics as students continue to build their skills in illustration, modeling, and animation. In advanced courses, students gain a deeper understanding of the game production process, learning about project management, interface, and level design, and apply their skills to produce their own games and game levels.

All students produce a professional-quality portfolio of their work, demonstrating their drawing and design abilities and documenting their accomplishments throughout the program. This portfolio becomes a showcase to present their abilities to prospective employers. All courses in the Game Art & Design program are also available online. Graduates of the Game Art & Design program are well-prepared to enter the competitive multi-billion dollar game industry job market. Entry-level positions include: 2D conceptual artist, storyboard artist, 3D character builder, 3D object modeler, interactivity designer, background artist, and game play tester.

Faculty members are experienced professionals and educators who bring their knowledge of the field and practical experience into the classroom. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is known in the gaming industry, and game developers frequently visit the school to give guest lectures and to conduct workshops and portfolio reviews.

The mission of the Game Art & Design Bachelor of Science degree program is to prepare students to work effectively both individually and in a team creating compelling, effective, and aesthetic game art and design content to be presented and interacted with on multiple platforms.
Game Art & Design

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