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Digital Photography Bachelor of Arts

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Program Overview

The Digital Photography program teaches you composition, lighting, and equipment use, utilizing a digital camera and software. Darkroom techniques, color, and design are explored both on location and in a studio. You’ll develop business skills as you fine-tune your eye for detail. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as a digital photographer, industrial photographer, photo lab technician, or photojournalist.
Digital Photography

Program Description

The Digital Photography 12-quarter* bachelor’s degree program prepares graduates to pursue entry-level career opportunities in the growing and evolving field of photography. Compelling imagery carries much of the emotional power in today’s visual media, both print and electronic. This imagery is most commonly photographic. Students in the Digital Photography Bachelor of Arts degree program must be creative, imaginative, and attentive to detail as they prepare to enter the field. While building an awareness of significance in visual style, students also have the opportunity to develop core values based in professional standards and practices and a skill set with a solid technical and design foundation.

What it’s all about: Students have the opportunity to explore the principles of photographic design and the significance of visual style in the commercial sector; study the application of professional cameras, lenses, and related processes—including small, medium, and large formats— as they apply to commercial uses such as editorial or advertising photography; and learn to use contemporary photographic imaging equipment and software in industry related facilities.

Students graduate from the Digital Photography program with the training and portfolio required to pursue entry-level positions such as photographic technician, photographer’s assistant, digital-imaging artist, product or still-life photographer, news-source editorial photographer, or photo re-touch professional. They may work in studios, advertising agencies, publishing houses, photo labs or production companies, newspapers and magazines, or as freelancers.

Objectives: Upon completion of this program graduates will be able to:

• Demonstrate skill and expertise in the areas of digital color management, digital asset management, lighting, composition, and Image manipulation.
• Exhibit skill in HTML, web, and video that supplement and enhance photographic foundations.
• Prove a sound knowledge of business fundamentals, business operations, marketing, communication, ethics, and professional behavior needed by photographers.
• Utilize numerous professional photographic formats and associated technical equipment and software.
• Display increased skills through the cultivation, research, development, and execution of an extensive body of photographic work.

* Based on a student taking an average of 15 credits per quarter
Digital Photography

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