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Special Effects

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

The Visual Effects & Motion Graphics program helps you to learn how to use your creativity to produce attention-grabbing communication design for film, television, and the Web. Visual effects are responsible for movie trailers, opening film credits, television commercials, animated network identities, and short promos. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as production assistant, assistant designer, visual effect specialist, or broadcast design assistant.
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Program Description

The Visual Effects & Motion Graphics program is designed to educate students in a wide range of audio and video technologies including compositing, typography, color, 3D modeling, and layout to create professional-level motion graphics and special effects for an increasingly sophisticated viewing audience in the television and film industries.

• Examine the creative processes used in solving design problems
• Utilize color theory in solving design problems
• Demonstrate proficiency in project management
• Assess the technical and aesthetic qualities of recorded sound
• Apply the principles of design and typography to motion graphics
• Specify and use appropriate audio and video hardware and software
• Identify industry terminology and compression schemes
• Use storyboarding, lighting, shooting and broadcast techniques to produce quality video projects
• Edit pre-shot video using non-linear editing systems
• Design and create professional-level motion graphics for TV and film
• Plan and storyboard a complete green screen shoot
• Demonstrate an understanding of compositing concepts
• Demonstrate lighting and perspective as it applies to real-world compositing
• Demonstrate proficiency in 3D modeling
• Demonstrate compositing techniques with 3D environments
• Identify the elements of story structure
• Verify compliance with copyright/trademark law, and obtain appropriate releases and permissions as necessary
• Demonstrate the ability to work in a group-based project
• Identify major contributions to the evolution of the visual/special effects field
• Create a reel and self promotional package according to current industry standards

Graduates of the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics program are prepared to seek entry-level positions in the post-production industry as compositor, assistant editor, editor, production assistant, designer and broadcast graphics designer.
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

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