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Digital Film

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production Associate of Science

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Program Overview

In the Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program, you will learn to formulate, construct, and deliver digital audio, video, and motion graphics. Coursework will familiarize you with advances in high-definition video, storage area networks, and software toolsets — and you'll work with industry-related software and equipment. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as video editor, video producer, or digital videographer.
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

Program Description

The Digital Filmmaking & Video Production programs are designed to educate individuals who want to work in this fast-paced, creative industry. The program focuses on the development of technical and creative skills in lighting, editing, directing, and producing visual media. Whether it’s information or entertainment, the wide appeal of electronic media has created an increasing need for people skilled in the video production arts.

• Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the skills and responsibilities of the members of a production crew
• Deliver a product in a variety of industry standard resolutions and media formats
• Demonstrate a thorough understanding of editing theory and application
• Operate professional video and audio recording equipment
• Manage digital files in the execution of an efficient post-production workflow
• Record and mix audio tracks and integrate them into video projects
• Create pre-visualization materials that can be used in the production of video projects
• Conceptualize and script video projects in a variety of industry standard formats
• Design and animate motion graphics and incorporate them into video projects through non-linear editing and live switching
• Construct a portfolio reel in multiple formats which effectively conveys the best examples of the student’s industry-quality work

Additional Objectives - Bachelor of Science Degree
• Work with a crew of peers to create a short-film narrative or documentary that effectively conveys a full story concept with compelling characters
• Effectively direct actors to establish solid performances in video projects
• Formulate working relationships with real-world clients, integrating interpersonal communication skills
• Employ an effective production workflow for digital projects, including preplanning of technology needs, synthesizing timelines and managing budgets

By graduation, students are prepared to seek entry-level positions including videographer, camera operator, pre-production assistant, post-production assistant, lighting assistant, video editor, media
author, tape operator, and video operator.
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

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