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Digital Film

Video Production Associate of Arts

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Program Overview

Video production is at the center of everything from sports coverage to news programming, Internet broadcasts, television commercials, and corporate presentations. The Video Production program presents the skills needed to effectively operate a camera and process film in analog and digital formats — leading to a final production. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as audio-visual technician, video editor, video producer, or videographer.
Video Production

Program Description

The Associate degree program in Video Production is designed for individuals who want to enter this creative industry. The wide appeal of electronic media for information or for entertainment has created an increasing demand for employees skilled in video production. Studies in art, pre-production, cinematography, lighting, and computer applications for special effects from the skills foundation. Students then progress to skills in multi-camera production, post-production techniques, nonlinear editing, and the creation of a video from initial idea to final, edited composition. A compilation of the student’s best work forms the portfolio which showcases the student’s abilities to prospective employers.

Entry-level employment opportunities for associate degree graduates may be found in the broadcasting and cable industries as well as in the entertainment and corporate fields. Graduates may enter the field in entry-level positions as camera operators or as assistants in the areas of production, direction, or editing. Graduates have developed technical capabilities and the business marketing and promotional skills necessary to seek employment. Some students in the associate degree program may decide to transfer into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production.
Video Production

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