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Photographic Imaging Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Art Institute of Tennessee — Nashville, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta can help you prepare for it.

Program Overview

The Photographic Imaging program teaches you darkroom techniques, color, and design. Composition, lighting, and equipment use are explored both on location and in a studio. You’ll develop business skills as you fine-tune your eye for detail. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as commercial photographer, digital photographer, industrial photographer, photo lab technician, or photojournalist.
Photographic Imaging

Program Description

Successful photographic professionals do not rely on talent alone. They must possess
a thorough understanding of the composition of light as well as a wide array of technical
skills-from choosing the right equipment to perfecting production techniques while capturing
visually compelling images. Students must be creative, imaginative, and attentive to detail
as they prepare to enter the field. While building an awareness of visual style, students also
develop core values based in professional standards and practices and a skill set with a solid
technical and design foundation.

In addition to courses in art and design, students in photographic imaging study the history
of art and the history of photography as they explore the principles of photographic design
and the significance of visual style in the commercial sector. They study the application of
professional cameras, lenses, and related processes-small, medium, and large formats-as
they apply to commercial uses such as photojournalism or advertising photography. Students
use the professional equipment to develop the techniques required for successful location and
studio photography, as well as learning to solve problems in both natural and artificial lighting.

Students apply all the tools of contemporary photographic techniques to the digital workflow
of modern photography. Studios and darkrooms feature program-specific hardware and

With my new skills, I can be...
Commercial photographer
Product photographer
Assistant photographic editor
Freelance photographer
Studio assistant
Photo lab technician

(entry-level positions)

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Students in the bachelor’s program are challenged to expand their varied skills and proficiencies in developing a personal specialization reflecting their personalities and artistic styles. Internships are an opportunity to help students as they strive to develop a solid photographic identity, purpose, and direction. They also produce a portfolio that reflects this specialization along with a general portfolio that reflects a sophisticated set of photographic skills.

Bachelor’s degree graduates are prepared for entry-level positions as commercial photographers, editorial photographers, or photographic editors with advertising agencies, publishing houses, magazines, and production companies. Some graduates may open their own studios or freelance.
Photographic Imaging

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