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Interior Design

Interior Design Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

In the Interior Design program, you'll study the design, safety, and usability issues of creating the spaces where we live, work, and play. Coursework focuses on space planning, traffic patterns, and the colors, surfaces and furnishings that make surroundings comfortable and livable. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as draftsperson, facilities planner, interior designer/decorator, or space planner.
Interior Design

Program Description

Interior designers must have a thorough understanding of efficient space planning, human factors, color, pattern, lighting, furniture, and materials. These elements are essential to the creation of residential and commercial spaces. Whether working for architectural or interior design firms, hotel or restaurant chains, department or furniture stores, or independently as consultants or firm owners, accomplished designers are adept at working with clients and understanding their needs.

Students begin with a foundation in basic rendering and perspective, have the opportunity to build the aesthetic and technical problem-solving skills and discover the difference between designing for architectural firms, retail stores, hotels and restaurants. Students have the opportunity to learn how to keep accurate records and discover how to buy wholesale, enter a world where color, texture, fabric, and light are instruments that paint an environment, and are introduced to computer-aided drafting (CAD) and sample the real world of interior design in the studio, the showroom, and the business planning office.

1. Design Theory: Graduates will solve complex interior design problems using the design process and their knowledge of principles, theories and applications to analyze the client profile and project program, both individually and collaboratively.
2. Communication: Graduates will provide interior design services using effective oral, written, and visual communication employing a variety of means, methods and technologies, in both 2- and 3-dimensions.
3. Building Systems: Graduates will produce interior design solutions that constructively integrate with available building, environmental, and property management systems, as well as prevailing codes and standards of use, maintenance and sustainability.
4. Interior Finish Materials: Graduates will specify and apply to their solutions, finish materials that meet prevailing standards of use, maintenance, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and aesthetics.
5. Professionalism: Graduates will provide professional services based on their body of knowledge with a standard of care that meets both client needs and protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public in an ethical and legal manner.
Interior Design

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