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Special Effects

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Bachelor of Arts

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Program Overview

The Visual Effects & Motion Graphics program helps you to learn how to use your creativity to produce attention-grabbing communication design for film, television, and the Web. Visual effects are responsible for movie trailers, opening film credits, television commercials, animated network identities, and short promos. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as production assistant, assistant designer, visual effect specialist, or broadcast design assistant.
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Program Description

The Visual Effects & Motion Graphics 12-quarter bachelor’s degree program is designed to prepare graduates in two major areas – visual effects and broadcast graphics. These interrelated fields deal with design, layering, and movement of digital imagery relative to enhancing or telling a visual story. Both have become established areas of specialization in the broader field of media, promising growth and a sustained presence in regionally diverse marketplaces. Even limited budget products now typically incorporate visually sophisticated graphics and effects. Audience awareness and expectations have fueled a growing demand of skilled artist and technicians in this field.

Motion graphics is designing screen visuals for media projects for both broadcast and non-broadcast productions. A motion graphics specialist may make type, colors, and images move to communicate, educate, entertain, or build brand value. Visual effects use computer software to assemble various component images into a single, integrated believable scene. The components that are digitally layered couldbecome action shots, digital animation, or still images; combining them requires expertise in color and lighting adjustments, motion tracking, matte painting, set extensions, and other related skills using 2D and 3D techniques.

Graduates of the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics program are prepared to seek entry-level employment as broadcast design assistants, digital artists, digital visual effects specialists, researchers, and streaming server specialists. They may also work as assistant compositors, composite artists, content acquisition specialists, interactive video producers, and motion graphic artists.

Objectives: Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

• Demonstrate skills in design and composition integration, visual communication, and typography.

• Demonstrate the ability to create a production plan, deliver to team projects, and complete projects in accordance to production plans.

• Demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate technology skills on projects.

• Apply required critical thinking skills and needs analysis to deliver to project requirements.

• Demonstrate a professional level of delivery on projects through the production process.

• Demonstrate the ability to create 2D and 3D effects that appear realistic and believable.

• Demonstrate the ability to create animations using typography and graphics.

• Demonstrate the ability to integrate camera work into a project, enhancing the subject and concept.
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

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