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Media Arts & Animation Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

In the Media Arts & Animation program, you’ll develop a strong foundation in drawing, design, and illustration in order to produce traditional 2-D formats. Then, you’ll move into computer generated 3-D formats that make characters and objects come alive. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as animator, computer animator, digital media producer, special effects artist, background designer, computer artist, layout artist, or video game artist.
Media Arts & Animation

Program Description

Television, both network and cable, major corporations, commercial postproduction facilities, and film production companies are among the industries that make use of skills taught in the Media Arts & Animation degree program. Students begin with a foundation in drawing, color, design, video production, and computer applications.

From this foundation, students have the opportunity to develop advanced skills in various aspects of computer graphics and animation. Students will have the opportunity to learn to use the tools of the computer animation profession, ranging from computer operating systems to 3D modeling and desktop video production. These tools can enhance students’ flexibility and creativity, and enable them to produce individualized digital portfolios that demonstrate their practical and technical abilities to potential employers.

• Demonstrate basic principles of animation
• Analyze real-world observations and apply to animation
• Produce life drawings that depict gesture, motion, and utilize economy of line
• Produce images that display differences in lighting and value that express moods and emotions
• Apply the principles of design and typography
• Identify various animation processes in their historical contexts
• Produce stories and illustrate concepts through sequential images and storyboards
• Produce traditional and computer animation
• Produce 2D and 3D animation for a variety of applications
• Integrate audio with animated compositions
• Demonstrate compositing techniques using various animation sequences
• Compose critical ideas for surface treatment, lighting, and motion of 3D models
• Use computerized paint, titling, modeling and animation software programs to create images
• Discuss and apply principles of lighting and camera techniques in computer animation
• Formulate production schedules as part of the project management process
• Determine compliance with copyright/trademark law, and obtain appropriate releases and permissions as necessary
• Capture, manipulate, and edit an image using digital processes
• Create and/or transform objects in a 3D environment
• Create a reel and self promotional package according to current industry standards

Entry-Level Career Opportunities
Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level opportunities such as 2D animator, 3D animator, 3D modeler, assistant animator, compositor, environmental modeler, graphics animator, graphic artist, graphic designer, illustrator, organic modeler, production assistant, and texture artist are at the forefront of an industry that is repackaging information in creative new ways.
Media Arts & Animation

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