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The Art Institutes International—Kansas City opened in 2008. The school provides creative educations in the areas of design, culinary, media arts, and fashion.

Educate and prepare students for creative careers

The Art Institutes International—Kansas City contains industry-related equipment and software that provides students with real-world experience, and a comfortable experience on campus. These include:

  • Labs for design, fashion, and media arts students
  • Student center
  • Library
  • Professional kitchens
  • Exhibition gallery
  • Mac labs
  • PC labs
  • Peer tutors
  • Two cafés
  • Equipment check out center

Many students enjoy apartment living in school-sponsored housing. To learn more about housing options, please contact the Student Affairs Department.

The Art Institutes International—Kansas City arranges study trips to local cultural and commercial sites, providing valuable exposure to places and events relating to the student's field of study. In addition to local study trips to support curriculum, out-of-town seminars and visits are planned in individual programs.

To build relationships and gain experience in their areas of study, many students participate in special events and workshops, join student groups, and work in internships within the region. The Art Institutes International—Kansas City offers the following services to help students during their time at the school:

  • Special events/workshops on health or wellness related areas
  • Information on human services in the local area
  • Assistance with study habits, time management, stress management, communication, problem solving, and the transition to school
  • Coordination of disability services for students who qualify in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Referral to short term counseling provided by the Student Assistance Programs for students in need of emotional support or guidance
The Art Institutes International — Kansas City-History
The Art Institutes International — Kansas City

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