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Game Design & Programming

Game Art & Design Bachelor of Arts

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Program Overview

In the Game Art & Design program, you’ll learn the art and design skills needed to get into the gaming field. You’ll use your talents to create applications used within the business, education, training, and entertainment industries. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as modeler, storyboard artist, animation artist, 3-D illustrator, digital artist, FX artist, video postproduction artist, broadcast graphics designer, and game designer.
Game Art & Design

Program Description

The process of designing and producing digital games and other types of interactive multimedia involves a variety of people utilizing specialized skills. Some of these skills are conceptual: designing game concepts and interactions or creating stories. Some of these skills are artistic: drawing and sketching, creating 3D models, 3D animation, and texture mapping for 3D, using industry standard software; photo manipulation and original creation of 2D art for backgrounds, and characters, and props using imaging software. Some of these skills are managerial: determining budgets and schedules for project completion and assembling the right group of creative people. Game artists may be specialists in one or two aspects of the total game development process, but their value as participants in that process is enhanced by a comprehensive knowledge of the entire operation.

In pursuing the bachelor’s degree in Game Art & Design, students are encouraged to master traditional skills through a rich variety of fundamental art courses while learning to use 2D and 3D design tools to create characters, backgrounds, animations, and textures used in producing digital games and related interactive media. In addition, they acquire a level of awareness and knowledge of the terminology used in programming and scripting to be able to converse intelligently with programmers. The bachelor’s degree program also provides a unique learning opportunity in the management of projects and game development teams. Anticipated assignments and projects include designing gameplay and back stories; creating characters and related environments; employing 3D modeling and animation software to create game art; employing 2D image software to create backgrounds and 3D textures; and applying knowledge of games to evaluate game products.

The bachelor’s degree program in Game Art & Design prepares graduates for entry-level positions in the game and other industries as 2D and 3D artists, texture mappers, and project managers; with experience and advancement some graduates may become game and level designers. Graduates will work as members of development teams to produce digital games, interactive entertainment, and educational and training software products.

Objectives: Upon completion of this program graduates will be able to:

• Create a back story, character biographies, concept bible, and script
• Operate image manipulation and 3D software
• Program in a high level language
• Create playable demo-grade game levels using one or more industry-standard engines or development kits
• Develop, analyze, and refine creative concepts from initial idea as thumbnail sketches to final product
Game Art & Design

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