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Graphic Design Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Art Institute of Jacksonville, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design can help you prepare for it.

Program Overview

In the Graphic Design program, you'll study design, typography, and color theory. You’ll use industry-specific software to help you learn and create everything from logos and posters to packaging, Web sites, and corporate identity packages. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as advertising designer, computer artist, freelance artist, graphic designer, or layout artist.
Graphic Design

Program Description

Virtually anywhere you go, you will find images, layouts, typographical treatments, and fine art that have a basis in graphic design. Every field of endeavor requires design. From visual communications such as corporate identity and logos, to consumer packaging, collateral materials, and web and interactive solutions, graphic design is employed almost anywhere a message or product has to be seen. It is a form of communication that uses images and words to convey meaning, evoke emotion, add value and ultimately solve a problem.

Students in the baccalaureate program have the opportunity to learn how to draw attention to their message and reach a desired target audience. Students can discover which media contribute to the effectiveness of the message, combining their digital skills with traditional illustration. Our program is designed to approach graphic design from classic, traditional, and hand-skill techniques and utilizes industry-related software packages. Our experienced faculty strives to enhance students’ inherent creativity and to prepare them to market themselves for a rewarding career in graphic design. Creative problem solving and decision making are practiced at every level as students are given design situations to solve.

Entry-Level Career Opportunities: Advertising Agency Artist, Graphic Designer, Computer Artist, Digital Imaging Artist, Junior Designer, Junior Art Director, Web and Interactive Designer, Broadcast Graphic Artist, Environmental Graphic Designer, 3D/Package Designer, Corporate Identity Systems Designer, Junior Brand Strategist, Corporate Communications Designer, Publication and Editorial Designer or Flash Animator.
Graphic Design

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