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About Houston

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, with a population of over 2.1 million people. The city is known for its diverse cultural history, due in part to its large number of educational institutions and its close proximity to Mexico. This proximity makes it easy for students to take quick trips to warm beaches year-round.

Houston is different than many large cities in that it has multiple business districts instead of a central business district. These areas include Uptown, Midtown, Texas Energy Corridor, and Greenspoint. Major industries in the region include energy and shipping—and the city is becoming known for its commitment to pursuing renewable energy resources such as solar and wind power.

The city's largest employers include Continental Airlines, ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, HP, and ARAMARK. Creative agencies including Lopez Negret Communications, Adcetera, and FKM also have a large presence in the marketplace.

Houston has a large theater district that's home to nine performing arts organizations, as well as a cultural district that includes arts museums and a zoo. There's also a music center and the world renowned NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Because of the year-round warmth, students enjoy the city's numerous parks and outdoor activities located throughout the region. Sports enthusiasts follow the Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, and Houston Dynamo.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Art Institute of Houston and its branch campuses, The Art Institute of Houston-North, The Art Institute of Austin, and The Art Institute of San Antonio, is to provide a quality, collaborative academic environment for individuals seeking creative careers through higher education. As a private, multi-campus college, our bachelor degrees, associate degrees, and diploma programs are competency based, incorporating traditional liberal arts, professional education, and management level competencies with hands-on instruction. Faculty use learning-centered methodology to prepare students for entry-level positions in the design, media, fashion, and culinary arts fields as well as lifelong learning.

The vision of The Art Institute of Houston is to be the preferred destination for individuals seeking careers through creative education.

President's Message

Welcome to The Art Institute of Houston and The Art Institute of Houston-North, a place where you will learn to transform your creativity into style, communication, and function. At The Art Institute of Houston and The Art Institute of Houston-North, you will have the opportunity to develop the ability to step back from the jumble of thoughts you've scribbled in a notebook, recognize your best ideas, and turn them into great concepts. It is also where you can discover how to transform those concepts into work that is marketable.

Our students appreciate the fact that they are challenged, encouraged, and motivated to do their best by faculty, many of whom are professionals in their respective fields. There is a vibrant energy here, one that fuels a desire to do your best.

We are here to make sure your college experience is the best it can be. Join us, seek us out and tell us how we can help you achieve your education and career goals.

What an exciting place for all of us to share in this, your college education!

Susanne Behrens

The Art Institute of Houston-About Houston

What makes Houston special?

According to CNN Money, Houston is home to more than 20 Fortune 500 Companies—that's 2nd best in the nation—right behind New York City.

The Art Institute of Houston

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