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Audio Production

Audio Production Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

In the Audio Production program, you'll study audio recording, live sound reproduction, audio for video, and broadcast production. You'll record, mix, and produce audio in analog and digital formats while gaining an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the audio industry. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as audio engineer, radio producer, assistant sound technician, promoter, or sound engineer.
Audio Production

Program Description

Graduates of the Audio Production program will develop the technical skills and aesthetic sensibilities needed to become professional sound engineers, technicians and producers in the audio industry. Coursework will familiarize students with theoretical concepts, industry practices, hands-on production techniques, and the use of industry-related software and equipment.

What You Will Study
The tools used in audio recording, editing, and distribution are evolving at a rapid pace. Today’s professional audio recordists and mixers must constantly stay abreast of current developments in equipment technology and production methods. To do this, they must have a basic knowledge of the principles of sound theory and acoustics as well as skills in technical operation, aesthetic, and design.

The Audio Production program meets the needs of the audio industry by offering a curriculum that provides students with a solid background in technology, theory, and industry practices. Practical hands-on experience with audio recording and postproduction equipment is essential to being prepared for the contemporary market place.?

The current communications industry, to which audio is central, is expanding with the continued growth of telecommunications, and growth in television and radio broadcasting, satellite radio, Internet audio streaming, and desktop independent audio-visual and music production. As these markets continue to expand, the demand for educated and skilled technicians and producers in audio should also continue to grow.

Current positions for individuals trained in audio knowledge and production skills include recording studio assistant engineer, live sound stage/sound technician, corporate AV technician, software technical/customer support, equipment manufacturers’ technical support/sales assistance, professional audio distributors’ sales support or workshop technician. Graduates of this program are prepared to seek entry-level jobs at production houses, record labels, radio and television stations, recording studios, single houses production companies, CD manufacturing facilities, posting houses, mastering houses, nightclubs, film audio post studios, and sound design studios for the game industry and Internet.
Audio Production

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