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Photography Associate of Applied Science

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Program Overview

The Photography program teaches you composition, lighting, and equipment use. Darkroom techniques, color, and design are explored both on location and in a studio. You’ll develop business skills as you fine-tune your eye for detail. Digital and/or film forms of photography will be utilized. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as commercial photographer, digital photographer, industrial photographer, photo lab technician, or photojournalist.

Program Description

The Photography program at The Art Institute of Colorado offers a strong foundation in fundamentals and principles that are designed to encourage students to challenge the established ways of seeing. Within the program two degree levels are offered: a Bachelor of Arts and an Associate of Applied Science.

Photography is a form of immediate communication that has the ability to cross language and cultural barriers. Photography students are challenged to think innovatively about the form and content of their work. As they progress in the program, students have the opportunity to explore different areas of the industry, including business skills and portfolio creation.
The program offers students a working understanding of the role of photography in a variety of commercial and social contexts.

Students in both programs are introduced to the basic principles and history of photography, along with technical skills in lighting, metering, and printing (both traditional and digital).
Students then have the opportunity to build upon the foundational and technical skills associated with photography and begin to explore the different concentrations and specialty areas within the industry.

Students in the Bachelor of Arts degree program have the opportunity to examine different career options and create a comprehensive portfolio of original, professionally relevant work based on their self-selected career path. Emphasis is placed on conceptual thinking, business, management, and marketing. Students should be able to work in a variety of media and place their work in an historical context.

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