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Digital Film

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production Bachelor of Arts

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Program Overview

In the Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program, you will learn to formulate, construct, and deliver digital audio, video, and motion graphics. Coursework will familiarize you with advances in high-definition video, storage area networks, and software toolsets — and you'll work with industry-related software and equipment. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as video editor, video producer, or digital videographer.
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

Program Description

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production is the telling of narratives through the application of time-based media (film or video). The Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program at The Art Institute of Colorado is designed to prepare students to create high-quality content through a combination of traditional video production techniques and digital tools. This program teaches students a range of skills necessary for film production and attracts individuals who can combine creative, technical, and managerial skills.

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production requires a combination of both technical and conceptual skills including:
• Planning, executing, and delivering production pieces, using digital filmmaking techniques
• Demonstrating technical proficiency with industry-related tools and software
• Advanced knowledge of the video production process from conception to production
• Application of professional standards and business concepts related to filmmaking and
video production

Students are first introduced to the fundamentals of Digital Filmmaking & Video Production. Computer applications and elements of design are woven into the foundation of studies.
Students can then delve into the specifics of design and examine different digital media concepts and applications. Different modes of media are explored and production aesthetics
are introduced.

Finally, students have the opportunity to focus on the elements and styles of production as they work toward completing a portfolio of work. Industry standards and media legal issues are examined as students enter the field as working professionals.
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

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