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Culinary Arts

Baking & Pastry Diploma

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Program Overview

In the Baking & Pastry program, you’ll gain hands-on baking skills. Emphasis is placed on fundamental pastry and bread-baking techniques, in addition to all-purpose baking, desserts, cake decoration, and pastry arts. To complement your culinary techniques, you’ll learn critical thinking and business essentials. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as line cook and pantry cook (garde manger).
Baking & Pastry

Program Description

The Baking & Pastry program at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Colorado is designed to prepare students for entry-level job opportunities and career paths in the specialized industry within culinary. The baking and pastry industry is a specific area of concentration within the culinary world. It focuses specifically on the creation, production, and display of various baked goods and pastries, and applies basic culinary concepts and principles.

Baking & Pastry requires the following skill sets:
• Developing and presenting advanced concept ideas
• Proficient knowledge of baked goods, desserts, and confectionaries; demonstrate decorating, plating, and display techniques
• Demonstrating ability to accurately follow any given recipe and achieve desired outcome
• Knowledge of quality standards and regulations governing food products
• Discussing the various current developments and trends in the food industry

Whether focused on producing baked goods for a grocery store, restaurant, or a neighborhood bakery, or concentrated on creating delicious desserts for a high-end restaurant, this program is designed to guide students through the fundamentals of culinary and specializes in the art of producing baked goods, pastries, and cakes, and utilizes confectionery elements, including candies and sculpture pieces.

Students in both programs are introduced to the fundamentals and techniques of baking and pastry. Specifics according to individual curriculum tracks are explored. Students in the Associate of Applied Science degree program move onto specific areas of baking and pastry cuisine and confectionery skills.
Baking & Pastry

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