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Graphic & Web Design

Illustration & Design Bachelor of Fine Arts

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Program Overview

The Illustration & Design program will help you to gain a foundation in illustration by studying its history, theory, and trends. You'll develop your skills by utilizing computer design programs, building Web pages, evaluating production technology, and developing communication skills. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as production assistant, layout specialist, pre-press assistant, desktop publishing assistant, and production artist.
Illustration & Design

Program Description

Program Mission
The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration & Design degree program is designed to produce graduates who develop and produce images for visual communications. Students will have the opportunity to apply skills from communication design and the fine arts and to develop the creative vision necessary for an entry-level career in the industry. Graduates will be able to integrate communications goals and visual messages as part of a creative team. The program’s curriculum is designed to provide a foundation in drawing, painting and illustration techniques for both traditional and emerging media, as well as a working knowledge of graphic design production.

Desired Student Outcomes
1. Technical Skills: Graduates will be able to manipulate a variety of hand tools and art materials to draw, paint, or otherwise render an illustration from concept to finished product. They will be able to prepare illustrations for display in a variety of forms including print.
2. Design: Graduates will be able to apply the design elements and principles, concepts, media and layouts to their illustrations. They will be able to produce illustrations that demonstrate a concrete ability to communicate a clear and powerful idea or message using formal elements. They will cultivate a design process that is solution driven, flexible, and well informed.
3. Technology: Graduates will demonstrate the capability to produce layouts, scans, mechanicals, color separations, digital files, and other forms as required by a particular project.
4. Context: Graduates will be able to examine the broader context of the illustration field including art and design history, literature, and the commercial uses of illustration and how the illustrator functions in diverse environments.
5. Planning: Graduates will be able to use self-discipline and clear thinking to set professional goals and work on them without outside direction. They will work efficiently and possess the time management skills to meet deadlines.
6. Professionalism: Graduates will work effectively as an employee or as an independent contractor, with knowledge of business practices, accounting, legal issues, marketing, and self-promotion.
7. Communication: Graduates will be able to communicate their creative vision clearly using graphic and technological means. In addition, they will listen effectively and communicate clearly in both oral and written formats.

Program Description
The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration & Design degree program is designed to produce graduates who can develop and produce illustrated images for both print and media using skills from both graphic design and the fine arts. The program is designed to focus on the development of drawing, painting and basic design skills using traditional media and computer methods. The program concentrates on the analysis of issues and development of concepts for illustrated imagery. Graduates of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration & Design degree program are versed in production, pre-press, and layout skills, which are essential to illustration and employability. The illustration program culminates in the student’s development of a professional portfolio that demonstrates their expertise and potential for growth.

Graduation Requirements
To receive the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration & Design students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter credit hours with 72 credits in core subject matter, 60 credit hours in general education and 48 credit hours in related courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. The entire program includes 2662 clock hours, comprised of 1342 lecture hours, 1188 lab hours, and 132 internship or practicum hours. Also a student must receive a passing grade or credit for all required course work and meet portfolio requirements including participation in the Senior Portfolio Show. Graduating students must pass a required course in which a portfolio is produced and satisfy all financial obligations to the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.
Illustration & Design

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