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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Diploma

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Program Overview

In the Culinary Arts program, you’ll gain practical experience in the kitchen while studying the business of cost control, sanitation and safety, menu and beverage management, nutrition, and kitchen management. You’ll learn to produce food quickly and in quantity while working with others. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as line cook and pantry cook (garde manger).
Culinary Arts

Program Description

Mission Statement
The mission of the Culinary Arts program is to provide an environment for students to become learners who possess the skills, knowledge, creativity and ethical values necessary in the rapidly changing, culturally diverse culinary professions. Overall the intent of the program is to have experienced industry professionals impart their knowledge and technical acumen to the students. The approach to education relies heavily on actually participating in projects that are practical and technical in scope. Students will have the opportunity to prepare a variety of international recipes utilizing the correct techniques, ingredients and equipment which meet industry quality standards.

Program Description
The Culinary Arts diploma program provides students with fundamentals in culinary techniques, food production skills and critical thinking skills. Students will study the fundamentals of cooking, baking and pastry, as well as the art of the cold kitchen. Food production skills are complimented with basic food service management skills. Graduates of the program compete for entry-level position in the food service industry.

Program Objectives
Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:
Culinary procedures: Establish and maintain safety and sanitation procedures
Cooking: Prepare standardized recipes using a variety of cooking techniques which meet industry quality standards
Cuisines: Prepare a variety of international recipes utilizing the correct techniques, ingredients and equipment which meet industry quality standards
Professionalism: Define and articulate the core values of the culinary professional.
Professional awareness: Seek entry-level positions in commercial and institutional food service settings.

Diploma programs are intended for students with specific career plans that do not require associate or bachelor’s degrees. Some are designed to provide advanced training for students with partial or completed college degrees; others may be taken by students with high school diplomas seeking career training. The programs include courses offered to undergraduate students in various departments. Because of the focused nature of these programs, prerequisites may vary from those listed in course descriptions.

The Diploma in Culinary Arts program is accredited by The Accrediting Commission of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.
Culinary Arts

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