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Advertising Bachelor of Arts

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Program Overview

Advertising is a creative profession within the commercial realm. In the Advertising program, you'll study art direction, copywriting, and account supervision — and you'll learn both the creative and business side of advertising. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as account manager, copywriter, or assistant art director.

Program Description

Program Mission
The Advertising Program prepares graduates for careers in the advertising profession by providing a foundation in the business aspects of advertising while helping them develop the basic creative and technical skills necessary to create and implement targeted advertising solutions that meet professional standards of excellence.

Desired Student Outcomes
1. Technical skills: Graduates will demonstrate basic proficiency with the tools and graphic techniques of the profession to plan and implement production of advertising media such as print collateral, audio and video spots, and Web-interactive materials as well as business software related to marketing and public relations.
2. Graphic Design: Graduates will develop concepts as well as analyze and incorporate aesthetics and layout in the design process for advertising campaigns and marketing communications.
3. Marketing and Advertising Theory: Graduates will apply industry knowledge and critical thinking skills to analyze, develop, and implement effective advertising solutions that meet professional standards.
4. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Graduates will demonstrate their knowledge of the interdependence between advertising/marketing objectives and visual expression and be able to evaluate, critique, and understand their ideas. They will be able to use this knowledge to identify problems and arrive at innovative solutions.
5. Professionalism: Graduates will understand the corporate climate of the advertising industry; be aware of the range of career paths and opportunities in the industry; have mastery of industry standards, professional practices and ethics.
6. Communication: Graduates will be able to articulate the vision behind their creative work and explain and promote their solutions to clients and colleagues. They will have basic visual communication skills related to presenting products; an ability to work collaboratively in a corporate environment; and an understanding of marketing communication.
7. Context: Graduates will have a broad understanding of the context in which advertising exists, including history, literature, cultural variation, psychology, logic, marketing, US and international law and regulations, and new media.

Program Description
The Advertising Program provides graduates with the skills needed to work in the field of advertising, art direction, copy writing and account supervision. A solid art foundation combined with hands-on advertising curricula prepares students for entry-level positions with advertising agencies and departments, art studios and departments, marketing companies and departments and production companies. An advertising-related internship while in school increases the graduate’s advantage when applying for a position.

Graduation Requirements
To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter-credits with 60 quarter credits in general education courses and 120 in their specialty area with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. The entire program includes 2618 clock hours, comprised of 1342 lecture hours, 1276 lab hours, and no internship or practicum hours. Also, a student must receive a passing grade or credit for all required course work and satisfy all financial obligations to The Illinois Institute of Art. Graduating students must pass a required course where a portfolio is produced. The portfolio must demonstrate entry-level employment competencies appropriate to the specific degree program. Each student is required to participate in the Senior Portfolio Show.

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