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Digital Film

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Art Institute of Charleston, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta can help you prepare for it.

Program Overview

In the Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program, you will learn to formulate, construct, and deliver digital audio, video, and motion graphics. Coursework will familiarize you with advances in high-definition video, storage area networks, and software toolsets — and you'll work with industry-related software and equipment. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as video editor, video producer, or digital videographer.
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

Program Description

The rise in popularity of digital filmmaking can be traced to the commercial success of the consumer videocassette recorder. Since that time, technological advances, such as the advent of digitized photography, video, and film, have brought the camcorder, digital cameras, low-cost editing equipment, audio mixers, and computer-controlled media. With the development of the Internet and the onset of High Definition Television, the need for digital film/video products and qualified professionals will continue to play a major role in communications. This field also continues to be an important component of international communications.

Throughout the degree program students have the opportunity to work with industry-related equipment in the creative atmosphere of filmmaking and video production. They have opportunities for real-world experience by working in the field for special projects with non-profit organizations such as public broadcasting. Faculty are experienced and practicing professionals who mentor students and work side-by-side with them to promote the development of the skills necessary to use the camera and editing equipment as technical and imaginative tools for today’s electronic storytelling.

The Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program provides students with a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills required for video and film production. The creative, technical, and managerial aspects of filmmaking all come together in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Students begin with a hands-on introductory course in video production along with foundation courses in the arts and general studies. Students then have the opportunity to move into increasingly advanced courses in the traditional areas of filmmaking: cinematography, directing, producing, editing, screenwriting, and sound.

By gaining competencies in camera operations, lighting, editing, studio and location productions, and scripting, students have the opportunity to learn to solve problems and to contribute as a member of an artistic team. Later in the program, students have an opportunity to specialize in one of these tracks by taking electives that prepare them for a specialization area. Overall, student skills in production and post-production, coupled with technical skills, will prepare you to seek entry-level employment opportunities in the film or television industry or other areas of the communications world.
Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

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