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Culinary Management

Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management Associate of Arts

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Program Overview

In the Wines, Spirits & Beverage Management program, you’ll focus on the process of overseeing wines, spirits, and beverages supplies for restaurants, cruise ships, or banquet facilities. You’ll study communications, training, leadership, management, accounting, marketing, financial management, and employee relations.
Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management

Program Description

In today’s environment, most restaurants and hospitality establishments consider strong beverage sales essential to achieving profitability. This development has resulted in a greater demand for professionals who can effectively manage beverage operations, an area that provides one of the most important sources of revenue for these companies. Beyond restaurants, non-traditional businesses such as wine bars, specialty coffee bars, niche restaurants, and specialty retail stores all require managers with specialized training in alcoholic/non alcoholic beverages.

The bachelor of science degree in food & beverage management and the associate of arts degree in wine, spirits & beverage management are designed to prepare graduates to take their place in an exciting and demanding field, where knowledgeable professionals are in demand at every level and throughout the world.

Participation in these programs for those under 21 years of age will be conducted in accord with state law regarding the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

With my new skills, I can be...
Assistant banquet manager
Wine/coffee bar assistant manager
Assistant food & beverage director
Beverage consultant
Wine buyer for a food retailer/chain
Food & beverage assistant trainer
Beverage wholesaler sales representative
Winery tasting room manager

(entry-level positions)

Associate of Arts in Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management
Graduates of the associate of arts degree in wine, spirits & beverage management program develop into specially-trained professionals — individuals equipped with the skills to manage the beverage component of a business. The program balances in-depth education in wines, spirits, and beverages, along with a thorough understanding and knowledge of basic culinary and management concepts. This unique education produces graduates who are true specialists in their field and who can provide a competitive advantage as part of any beverage-focused operation.

Students gain a broad perspective of the culinary and management skills required to become effective beverage managers, while developing in-depth theoretical and practical expertise in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as service etiquette, bar operation, inventory, purchasing, and cost control, as well as learning the intricacies of food and wine pairings, catering and event management. They also graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of their products and an understanding of industry trends.

Graduates with knowledge of the beverage industry and fundamental expertise in the culinary arts and management are ready to face contemporary challenges and opportunities in the food and beverage industry. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in careers such as beverage/bar manager for a corporate or independent restaurant; assistant banquet manager; wine or coffee bar assistant manager; assistant food & beverage director; assistant director of food & beverage purchasing; beverage consultant; wine buyer for a food retailer or grocery chain; food and beverage assistant trainer; entrepreneur (beverage wholesaler, importer, distributor, retailer); sales representative for a beverage wholesaler, importer, distributor or producer; and winery tasting room manager.
Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management

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