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Culinary Management

Culinary Arts Management Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

In the Culinary Arts Management program, you’ll focus on what it takes to manage a kitchen, restaurant, or catering operation. You’ll study communications, training, leadership, management, accounting, marketing, financial management, and employee relations. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as restaurant manager or catering manager.
Culinary Arts Management

Program Description

The culinary arts bring together people, food, and creativity to delight not only the palate but all the senses. Few professions offer the kind of excitement and growth found in the world of Culinary Arts. Restaurants, hotels, clubs, resorts, convention centers, retirement homes, hospitals, and entertainment facilities all offer career opportunities for the culinary professional.

In today’s busy world, people eat out or purchase prepared foods much more frequently than in years past, reflected in the remarkable growth of the food service industry. And with that growth, expectations about the quality, nutrition, and diversity of the food, along with the accompanying service, continue to rise. The industry must be prepared to respond by creating and producing the best tasting, most imaginative product possible.

Americans today appreciate many different cuisines from around the world. As the taste for international culinary traditions grows, the possibilities for culinary professionals do, too. To find their places in this exciting new world, students need an education that both equips them with the fundamentals and introduces them to world cuisines.

Students in the Culinary Arts program learn classical principles of cooking along with modern techniques and trends. International cuisines are introduced throughout the program. Students learn both theory and practical applications, in professional kitchens and through internships. The culminating class in Culinary Arts is the à La Carte class, in which students prepare all courses for a “dining lab” open to the public. All culinary classes are taught by professional, industry-experienced chefs in a hands-on setting that allows the students to learn the best.

The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes serve up a variety of international culinary experiences designed to give students the skills and inspiration they need to succeed in the field.

Culinary Arts Management
Students in the Baccalaureate program build on the basic culinary principles and skills with additional coursework in the business side of the industry, giving them not only a thorough knowledge and understanding of the culinary arts, but also essential knowledge about kitchen and dining room operations, including beverage management, and basic computer applications for the foodservice industry. They also develop the skills and knowledge to handle issues such as customer service, inventory, cost control, and supervision of foodservice personnel, as well as business communications, legal issues, and global management and operations. Upon graduation, students are prepared to seek careers in entry-level positions such as Management Trainees, Kitchen Managers, Assistant Pastry Chefs, Banquet Chefs, Sous Chefs, Purchasing Managers, Unit Level Restaurant Managers, or Banquet Managers.
Culinary Arts Management

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