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Advertising Bachelor of Arts

The Art Institute of Atlanta–Decatur, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta can help you prepare for it.

Program Overview

Advertising is a creative profession within the commercial realm. In the Advertising program, you'll study art direction, copywriting, and account supervision — and you'll learn both the creative and business side of advertising. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as account manager, copywriter, or assistant art director.

Program Description

The bachelor of arts program in advertising offers a unique combination of courses in the business of advertising, including marketing, principles of market research, organizational behavior, media and strategic planning, sales, brand management, public relations and promotion. In concert with these business courses are some course offerings from the graphic design world, such as color theory, design skills, and digital photography. Students also learn the basics of interactive design for the Web. Students in the advertising program apply practical concepts gleaned from case studies in a variety of areas such as branding, online marketing, strategic management and account planning, and are taught by experienced faculty who have worked in businesses or advertising agencies in concept development, sales management, account management, and media planning. Advertising program graduates will frequently act as liaisons for client and creative teams, conveying key industry trends and metrics in effective visual language. The growth of interactive commerce has led to the demand for advertising and marketing online, and graduates of The Art Institute’s program are prepared to address this industry trend. An internship in the field of advertising is a required part of the program, and the fast-growing advertising communities in Atlanta and Washington provide a range of opportunities for students to develop skills in the field before graduation. Advertising program graduates learn a unique skill set for careers in a broad range of industries and specialties, including account service, public relations, brand management, corporate marketing, entertainment and the arts, and market research. With my new skills, I can be... Marketing coordinator Account manager Sales representative Assistant art director Account executive Assistant media planner Copywriter (entry level positions)

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