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Audio Production

Audio Production Bachelor of Arts

The Art Institute of Washington, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta can help you prepare for it.

Program Overview

In the Audio Production program, you'll study audio recording, live sound reproduction, audio for video, and broadcast production. You'll record, mix, and produce audio in analog and digital formats while gaining an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the audio industry. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as audio engineer, radio producer, assistant sound technician, promoter, or sound engineer.
Audio Production

Program Description

Audio Production – the life and breath of the recording industry – is also a powerful part of multimedia, Web, software, film, video, and audio/visual presentations. With new tools for recording, editing, and broadcast audio constantly evolving, today’s professional audio engineer or producer must have a solid understanding of the basic principles of sound physics as well as knowing how to use the appropriate equipment.

Students begin with acoustic, musical, and electronic audio basics while working with digital computer-based audio recording and editing programs. Students build on this foundation to study advanced musical production and engineering, Musical Instrument Digital Interface systems (MIDI), audio-to-video, and advanced mixing and mastering, as well as interactive media, media business, project management, and professional development.

The program provides a creative, structured environment that encourages, even demands, a combination of hands-on experience and technical knowledge using the kind of equipment found in the industry today. A portfolio to showcase the student’s skills in a variety of audio formats to present to prospective employers is required.

Audio Production graduates are prepared to seek entry-level positions at production companies, record labels, radio and TV stations, recording studios, CD and DVD manufacturing facilities, mastering studios, audio post-production for film and video, and sound design for games and the Internet.
Audio Production

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