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Game Design & Programming

The tools to put your imagination to work.

What's it like to work in the industry?

Notable alums share their game development experiences

BioShock Infinite

Two of our graduates played key roles in the production of the latest version of BioShock from Irrational Games. Read about their work and how their Art Institutes education helped prepare them for this high-profile opportunity.

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Stig Asmussen

Art Institute of Pittsburgh alum Stig Asmussen turned his love of drawing and his passion for video games into a career as Creative Director of God of War III at Sony Studios.

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Game Art & Design

Learn to get games into the production pipeline. And get yourself into a growing industry.

Working with experienced instructors, you’ll start with fundamentals like drawing, color, design, then move on to develop the skills you need in animation game design, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and character design.

Game art

You can also learn:

Explore scripting and the basics of 2D animation as well as 3D modeling and animation. You’ll see what it takes to get a game from concept to market-ready, with courses that may include:

  • Digital imaging
  • Life drawing
  • Drawing & anatomy
  • 2D animation
  • Digital storytelling
  • Character and object design
  • 3D modeling
  • Game design
  • Physics
  • Texture mapping
  • 3D animation
  • Material & lighting
  • Game modeling
  • Game production pipeline
  • Designing interior spaces and worlds
  • Advanced communications
Game art students working

Visual & Game Programming

Immerse yourself in industry-relevant curriculum

Your journey to the real world of Visual & Game Programming starts with a strong foundation in art and design as you cover basics like life drawing and sculpture, character and object design, scriptwriting, and storyboarding.

Monitors used for game programming

What you can learn:

As you develop technical, programming, and problem-solving skills, you'll begin working with classmates on team projects And you'll be guided by instructors who share their industry experience in areas including:

  • Interactive experience design
  • Programming for the artist
  • Game design and game play
  • Character and object design
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding for games
  • Gaming algorithms
  • Interactive design concepts
  • Logic and representation
  • Physics
  • Sculpture for animators
  • Game scripting
  • Interface design for games
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Developing rich media applications
  • Level design
  • Webpage layout and design
  • Programming for visual simulations
  • Interactive game prototyping
Game programming students working

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See the work of our students

David Hechey's in-game environment

Check out the in-game environment David Hechey helped create using Max, Photoshop, UDK and his creativity—and get his instructor’s perspective on the skills David demonstrated.

View our interactive gallery
Game production workshop

Take a look at the full demo for a video game that a team of students created in a game production workshop—and see how their instructor feels the experience has helped prepare them for the real world.

Read his story - and see his spot

Follow our alumni’s path to success.

Alumni success stories

Game Art & Design and Visual & Game Programming alumni from The Art Institutes system of schools are building on their talent at some of the world’s leading electronic gaming companies. With our education programs, you can join our nationwide community of alumni who are helping shape the future.

Explore our alumni from all programs

Notable alumni

Learn more from some of our grads who’ve made a name for themselves as they talk about their education, their careers, what Create Tomorrow means to them, and their advice for aspiring creative professionals.

Calvin Tran

Calvin Tran

Fashion Designer

Hear Calvin's story

Karey Uhler

Karey Uhler

Graphic Designer

Hear Karey's story

Stig Asmussen

Stig Asmussen

Creative Director, Sony Computer Entertainment

Hear Stig's story

Tiffany Derry

Tiffany Derry

Executive Chef and Owner, Private Social

Hear Tiffany's story

Nathan Shriver

Nathan Shriver

Creative Director, Under Armour, Inc.

Hear Nathan's story

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